Belated Travel Blog: Edinburgh

We were not an athletic group. But, we were ambitious. And we had left our rational minds on the four-hour train ride the night before. That’s how we came to find ourselves awake at 4:30am chasing the sunrise up Arthur’s Seat our first morning in Scotland. The walk to the base of the peak alone... Continue Reading →


Constant Companion

Prompt: describe a ruin The book was in tatters. Its pages were crinkled - akin to the skin of an old crone in a cottage in a wood. The book had taken one or two swims in Lake Peabrook. The soft cardboard cover had the carcasses of dead flies and mosquitos smashed and spotted on... Continue Reading →

Instead of Making Banana Bread

The bananas on the counter are rotting and you don’t seem to care that flies have moved into our kitchen, a flickering halo around the sunken, brown sagging-smiles or that those flies might soon move to haunt and hover around the still young apples, picked just yesterday from the broken tree back behind the neglected... Continue Reading →

Belated Travel Blog: London

I barely left the bench while riding the London Eye. Every time I tried to move and peer closer out the glass, I felt the world begin to bend and physics fall away. I sat right back down. Occasionally, I had to squeeze my eyes shut as we climbed higher and the city slipped away.... Continue Reading →

The Solace Sisters

  Sisters are a funny thing. It’s not a relationship with a foregone conclusion that if two girls have the same mother they will like each other. It’s not even a foregone conclusion that sisters will even look alike. Take Gabrielle and Ginger Solace, for instance. The day Ginger was born, Gabs cried inconsolably. Like... Continue Reading →

Late-Night Streets

  The shadowy embers of the smashed tail light burn subtly at the wayside.   They try to melt and mold into gravel, but fail at the fault of their unnatural color and plastic foundation.   Yet that was the only red rendered on the road last night when the rabbit rushed out.   Only... Continue Reading →

A Funeral for Flowers

Petals drop and droop. Their pink perfection fades. Soft tears fall for glory. They long for days of sunshine. Lifeless stems slump down. The vase has long gone dry.   The flowers no longer remember what they used to be. Once they were plump and lively, the belles of the ball. Their fragrance was our... Continue Reading →

Nighttime Revival

The sun melts down the sky, its sultry colors pooling like wax on the mountain tops. The day burns out. Receding candlelight invites a darkness to invade. Laying on the cooling earth as the grass becomes bedewed, we look to the sky for answers. We wish for the stars to spell out solutions, to dish... Continue Reading →

Screen Savers

The days seem to have a smooth and soothing rhythm. Unexpected things do not pop up and surprises are non existent. This delightful consistency allows for acute planning and days that zoom by without incident. And yet these conditions seem to cultivate boredom. For at some point the repetition leads to monotony. And what once... Continue Reading →

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